Pros and Cons of Using a Steam Generator Instead of a Steam Boiler

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Pros and Cons of Using a Steam Generator Instead of a Steam Boiler

14 May 2019
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When it comes to harnessing the power of steam, you have two different choices for steam generation: a basic steam generator or a traditional steam boiler system. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of steam generators over boiler systems to help you decide. 

Pro: Steam generators do not operate at high temperatures like steam boilers. 

One of the greatest advantages of steam generators is that they do not have to have internal water heated to a boiling state to provide steam. A boiler system does have to boil water to produce steam, as most people would guess because of the name of the unit. Water does not necessarily have to be heated to boiling in order to create steam. Steam generators make a good fit in some settings because they do not produce quite as much heat. For example, in a production facility where the unit would have to be placed near employees, excess heat generation could be a problem. 

Con: Steam generators tend to produce a little less steam than a boiler. 

Boilers do an amazing job at producing steam in high volumes and at high temperatures. Steam generators can provide a great deal of steam as well. However, some people who are used to using a boiler system for steam generation will see a slightly lower output than what they are used to seeing. This slight variance is typically not an issue because the provision of steam is more even-keeled throughout the operation. 

Pro: Steam generators can be more cost-effective to operate. 

Because steam generators do not have to be held at a boiling point in order to operate effectively, they do not take as much fuel or energy to keep in action. Steam boilers are constantly keeping water heated to a boiling temperature and may serve multiple functions, so the units naturally use up more energy during use.

Con: Steam generators serve one primary purpose, while a boiler may serve a few. 

One thing a steam boiler has on a steam generator is the fact that the boiler can usually serve multiple purposes while a generator serves primarily one. Boilers can be used for hot water, heat, and steam generation. The average steam generator is mainly used specifically for steam. In some settings, only steam is necessary, such as on a steam-powered boat. In others, such as a house, there may be more need for multiple outputs, so a boiler would work best.