Welded Project Ideas For Your Home, Yard, Or Garage

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Welded Project Ideas For Your Home, Yard, Or Garage

2 May 2019
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Just because you aren't a welder doesn't mean you don't want to have some cool metal décor and other items displayed in your yard or your home. You can come up with a design that you like and have the project welded for you at a welding shop. If you have ever drove by a metal statue or a unique home address sign and wished you had creative items like that around your home, then you want to read up on some of the different ideas below. Maybe one or more of them will be ones that you want to have created for yourself.

A scrap metal table – If you have some cool pieces of scrap metal in your yard that you would like to have something made from, you may want them made into a table. The pieces of metal can be bent and welded together to create an odd shaped table that may be a great fit for your work shed, or even for your home.

A firewood rack – A firewood rack is another great thing you can have welded out of pieces of scrap. Or, you can have one made from other types of metal, such as metal rods or even out of pieces of an old bike. You can get very creative and let your imagination go wild.

A hat and coat rack – If you would like to have a unique hat and coat rack made, then you can have one welded using a large metal base that's welded to a metal pole. Then, you can use anything from horseshoes to bent and welded tools to create a hat and coat rack that is truly a creative work of art.

A bench for your garage – If you want a cool sitting bench in your garage, then you can have one welded using the metal from a disassembled metal roll away tool box. You can use large wrenches or the legs and arm rests to really have a bench made that looks like it belongs in the garage.

 A sign – You can have small scrap metal used to create a sign to hang inside or outside. The sign can depict a picture, or it can display your family name or even a saying. You can even have a kitchen sign welded using kitchen items, such as utensils.

A bowl for your garage or work shed – You can have nuts, bolts, and washers all welded together to shape a large bowl for your garage. This bowl can be a great catch-all for things you need a place for when you are working, such as the tools you are currently using, pens, or anything else.


Now that you have been given some examples of the types of things you can have created for you, it can be fun to come up with your own ideas. Contact a welding service for more assistance.