Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning the Hoist and Chain on a Crane

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Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning the Hoist and Chain on a Crane

10 May 2019
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If your company uses a crane, there are many things you can do to keep it running and in good shape. One of these things is maintaining and cleaning the hoist and chain. The hoist is what houses the chain and its job is to rotate the chain to move and lift heavy objects. No matter what type of hoist you use, such as hand, lever ratchet, or differential chain, it and the chain are put to a lot of wear and tear, especially if you use the crane on a daily basis. To help keep the hoist and chain running longer for you, below are tips maintaining and cleaning the hoist and the chain.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Hoist Chain

One of the first things the cleaning and maintenance company will check is how clean and lubricated the chain is. This is because if the chain has any kind of debris or rust on it, the chain will deteriorate much faster. A dirty chain is stuff and can be dangerous as at this point the chain may break in different areas. The last thing you want to happen is to get a heavy object lifted into the air and then have the chain break.

The company will likely have to dismantle the hoist to gain access to the chain. Once they gain access they will clean and oil the chain. This should be done at least two times per year, but it depends on how much you use the crane.

You also need to learn what signs of damage you need to watch out for. For example, if you notice the chain is stretching or kinking, it is time to have it replaced. If you hear a popping sound when the chain is being used, this is probably due to the chain being stiff.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Hoist

Providing maintenance to the hoist is essential and there are requirements that you have to follow. The best way to do this is to hire a commercial machinery cleaning company to maintain your hoist for you. This will ensure that all problems are found and that the hoist can be repaired quickly.

This maintenance company will first determine how often the crane is used and how old the hoist is. They will ask you about any problems you have had with the hoist in the past. Once they obtain this information, they will check things like the hoist motors and hoist controls. They will also check all cabled pendant controls, power systems, and much more.

Once maintenance is provided, the company can clean the crane for you so that it looks and works great. Cleaning and maintaining the crane will also help it work at its highest efficiency so you can get your work done faster and better.

Talk with a company that provides cleaning and maintenance of commercial machinery to learn much more.