3 Ways Industrial Washers Will Enhance The Integrity Of Your Project

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3 Ways Industrial Washers Will Enhance The Integrity Of Your Project

15 May 2019
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You have a project that you are getting ready to tackle and know you will not only need good fasteners but also good washers as well. You spot some industrial grade washers at the hardware store or online, and you find yourself asking if they will be worth the slightly extra expense. Truth be told, industrial washers are far better for many applications, which is why most industrial business owners rely on them. Take a look at some of the ways industrial washers could actually enhance the integrity of your project, no matter what that project may be. 

An industrial washer is less likely to corrode. 

One of the greatest advantages of industrial washers is they are less likely to corrode with exposure to the elements. Many of the basic washers you buy will be made out of crude materials, such as basic steel. If you want a washer that is truly going to stand the test of time, you are better off going with something that is made out of strong base metals and combined metal alloys. The metal alloys are added to offer certain attributes to the metal, such as resilience to salt or acidic rain. 

Industrial washers can foster a more secure bond for your project. 

Industrial washers are likely to give you a more secure bond than a general cheap washer that you pick up from a hardware store. Cheaper washers are more prone to problems like cracking and breaking under pressure, which means even something as slight as securing a bolt too tightly could compromise the bond between the washer and the unit you are securing the bolt to. 

An industrial washer may better protect your materials. 

If you have ever used a cheap washer on something that was relatively expensive, you may have eventually been a little disappointed by the outcome. Washers that are made with low-grade materials do not just break down easier, they can also cause damage to the material you are securing a bolt and washer to. For example, if you are using a washer between a bolt and nut to attach something to a piece of stainless steel, you may eventually find that the cheap washer has left an ugly indentation in the metal. Industrial washers are designed to fully protect the material it is applied against. These washers often have more rounded edges and finer surfaces for this exact reason.