Metal Stamping Answers For Business Owners

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Metal Stamping Answers For Business Owners

16 May 2019
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Metal stamping can be an important part of the manufacturing process. However, it is not a process that those starting a business may be familiar with using. This can leave them vulnerable to mistakes as they look to meet this basic need for their business.

Does Metal Stamping Always Leave Text Or Other Imprints?

One of the most common assumptions that individuals will assume about metal stamping services is that this process is only used when there is a need to put text or other imagery on a piece of metal. While this is a common request of metal stamping services, this is far from the only service that they will provide. For example, it can be possible for a metal stamping service to efficiently produce blanks. During the process of making blanks, small rectangular, square, or coin-shaped pieces of metal can be produced. These components are often used in the final stages of production for detailing and finishing touches.

Are There Limits To The Thickness Of The Metal That Can Be Stamped?

Due to the strength of metal, there are limits to the thickness of the sheet of metal that can be stamped. However, this limit will vary from one stamping service to another as it will be determined by the strength of the equipment that is used. When evaluating potential metal stamping services, it is important to have your schematics for the items you need to be stamped. Otherwise, it will be difficult to confirm whether the service will be able to meet your needs. While some metal stamping providers will offer assistance with basic designing of the order, it is still important to have an idea as to the thickness of the metal that will need to be stamped.

How Long Will A Metal Stamping Order Take To Complete?

The complexity and size of the metal stamping order will be the most important factors in determining the time needed to complete the order. For those that have elaborate stamping needs, there may be several days needed to prepare the equipment for the order. Conversely, those that have fairly simple stamping needs may find that their order can be processed in as little as a few hours if the stamping service is not busy. During the initial consultation, you will be given an estimated completion time for the stamping order, and obtaining quotes from multiple services will make it possible to choose the service with the quickest turn around time.