An Automatic Driveway Gate Can Help Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Rate

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An Automatic Driveway Gate Can Help Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Rate

21 May 2019
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The amount you pay to insure your home will vary based on several factors, including the location of your home and its value. However, did you know that your home's features are also a factor, especially when it comes to security? Upgrading to an automatic driveway gate is a security feature that can help you lower your insurance cost.

Greater Privacy

When it comes to homeowner's insurance, your history of break-ins will impact the cost you pay for the coverage. As a result, the more break-ins to your home, the more you can expect to pay. An automatic gate is a great option because burglars don't just target any home. They often target properties that they've had an opportunity to watch and case, so they can see what the owner has and watch the owner's habits. 

An awesome thing about a gate system is that it can significantly limit the view of your driveway and even the front door of your home, depending on the design of any accompanying fence and the placement of landscaping. If a thief can't see your home, they're more likely to move on.

Blocked Access

It's also important for the average burglar to get in and out as quickly as possible. The longer they remain on your property, the more likely they are to be detected and detained. Automatic gate systems create an awesome barrier between your property and freedom. 

With an automatic gate, the intruder first has to gain access to the gate opening system, which is often very difficult. Even if they were able to gain access, they might have just as much of a struggle to get off the property. Combined, a gate can serve as a major roadblock and deterrent which can lower your risk of a break-in and ultimately can lower your insurance cost.

Reduced Traffic

Homeowners' insurance isn't just about break-in risks, it's about risks in general. When an injury occurs on someone's property, such as a child falling and injuring themselves, it can cause their insurance rate to go up. 

The best way to minimize this type of risk is to minimize outside traffic on your property. A fence is great, but without a locking gate, anyone can still access your property. However, with a gate, you can open and close the gate at will to ensure you know who is on your property and when. 

The benefits of an automatic security gate go well beyond lowered insurance costs, so it is a worthwhile investment. To bring these benefits into your home, speak with a company like Incom Inc