The Ins And Outs Of Maintaining Your Fill Media And Cooling Towers

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The Ins And Outs Of Maintaining Your Fill Media And Cooling Towers

30 May 2019
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If you use a cooling tower for your industrial HVAC services, you'll need to make decisions about the fill media that you incorporate. The fill media in your cooling tower improves the flow of air and water inside of the tower so that you receive ideal performance. It's important that you follow the tips below so that you can use the right fill media, while also maintaining your cooling tower so that it's serving you. 

Select the best fill for your cooling tower to operate optimally 

It's important that you look into the various fill media options available to you so that you can do what's right for your tower. By having the right ratio of space inside of the tower, you are better able to control the flow of air and the temperatures that come about as a result. Some forms of fill media that you can use include polypropylene and various forms of PVC. 

You will need to touch base with some contractors that specialize in fill media in order to install the material that will be best in the industrial cooling tower that you are deciding to use. They will also assist you with the work that you need to make improvements and upgrades to the fill material as needed. 

Maintain the cooling tower and keep up with zoning and legislation

You'll also need to touch base with some professionals that can help you out when you need assistance with your cooling tower maintenance for the long haul. Repairing your cooling tower can optimize the way that you use energy, and will also ensure that your building gets the best temperatures without it being a burden to your budget or your resources. 

Be sure that you take advantage of the help of a professional that can set you up with a monthly water treatment so that you are able to avoid bacteria breeding and prevent corrosion from setting in. These professionals can also help you with winterization so that your water cooler can last through frigid temperatures. 

Make sure that you have them change out your fill media from time to time so you can ensure that your tank always has the best performance. Keeping it under warranty also allows you to make improvements on a year to year basis in a way that is conducive to your operating budget. 

Consider these tips and get the help that you need with your fill media and cooling towers.