3 Different Types Of Overhead Traveling Cranes

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3 Different Types Of Overhead Traveling Cranes

19 June 2020
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When it comes to handling materials inside of your business, there are lots of different ways you can move goods around. One way to move goods around is with some material handling cranes. Overhead traveling cranes can help increase the productivity of your workplace.

Type #1: Workstation Cranes

If you just need a crane that is capable of taking care of lightweight work, you need a workstation crane. A workstation crane is designed to move smaller amounts of materials that are under a ton or two in weight.

A workstation crane can be used for loads that are only a couple of hundred pounds. Workstation cranes are usually used for tasks that would be really repetitive work in a warehouse, such as moving packages from one location to another. It can help reduce the strain on your employees so that they don't have to do a lot of manual moving.

Type #2: Jib Crane

A jib crane is mounted differently than most other types of traveling cranes. Instead of being mounts on the ceiling, a jib crane is mounted on the wall. Then, the boom of the crane is designed to reach out and extend over the work area.

This type of crane can be mounted to a stationary wall, or it can be mounted to a freestanding individual support column. A jib crane can provide up to 360 degrees of coverage, depending on how it is installed. It is designed to complete work in a small, defined area.

Just because its scope of movement is limited doesn't mean its strength is limited; a jib crane can move several tons of weight.

Type #3: Bridge Crane

One of the most common types of overhead cranes is the bridge crane. Bridge cans are designed to run between two beams that are attached overhead to the supporting base of your building. They are designed to allow you to move material across your building and are great if you have a lot of goods to move from one side of your building to another.

With a bridge crane, you can install a single or double girder. A double girder allows you to lift loads higher in the area; both a single and double girder can handle about the same amount of weight. A single girder, however, is more affordable to install.

You don't need to be moving goods around your warehouse manually. You can install an overhead handling crane in your warehouse to help simplify the moving of goods within your warehouse. The right overhead crane will reduce strain on your employees.

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