3 Benefits Of Using Mobile Conveyors In Your Quarry

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3 Benefits Of Using Mobile Conveyors In Your Quarry

6 September 2022
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Once you've excavated materials from your quarry site, you need to find a way to get them on the road. Mobile conveyor belt systems can do this job effectively and efficiently. Why should you set up mobile conveyors on your site?

1. Move Materials Faster

If you rely on truck transport to get your excavated materials off your site and ready for delivery, then you add time to the production process. Your crews will have to load materials onto trucks; you'll have to wait for each truck to be filled before it can carry the materials away.

A mobile conveyor system speeds up this process. You simply set one end of the system close to your excavation site: the other end feeds directly into a truck. Your crew just has to direct materials onto the belt as they work. The belt then loads them onto the truck. Your loading times will be faster.

2. Get a Flexible Conveyor System

If you install a fixed conveyor belt system, then you will have times when the belt isn't in an easily accessible place. The belt can't be close to all your excavation points all the time.

So, while the belt will still automate your loading process, your crew will have to take materials to it if it isn't close to the area they're working in. This adds to their job completion times.

If you buy a mobile conveyor system, then you can move the system any time you want. You can change its size, configuration, and placement. The system will be much more useful on your site if it has this flexibility.

3. Reduce Transportation Costs

If you use trucks to ferry materials from excavated areas to their shipping transport, then you'll need to buy or hire suitable vehicles. The trucks you use to take your materials off your site might be too big and heavy to use on the site. So, you might need smaller vehicles to do an interim carrying job.

Plus, you'll pay for each trip every truck makes. You'll have gas, labor, and maintenance costs.

If you set up a mobile conveyor belt system, then you can reduce costs on this part of your production process. You don't need to have smaller trucks on site. You can simply load materials onto the belt. It will then take them to your delivery vehicles and offload them.

To see some examples of belt systems, contact a mobile conveyor manufacturing company, like Schnell Industries.